Donasonic Thunderstorm Series

Pre Shredding >10 ton/hour

The Donasonic Thunderstorm series is a pre-shredding machine for high throughput volumes

Function overview:

Massive, high-power, one shaft cutting mechanism with rotor and stator blades. If necessary fitted with a hydraulic pushing unit, for problem-free processing of bulky materials at high throughputs. Specially designed built in sieve for the needed output material. If the rotor returns any larger material to the cutting chamber it will be milled again. Electronically controlled motion with automatic forward and backward to avoid blockages. Controlled by touch screen panel an the control terminal.


Pre-shredding in large volume throughputs of domestic, commercial, industrial and bulky refuse.

  • Domestic, Household, Commercial and Bulky Refuse
  • Tyres (Cars, Trucks, Construction Machinery)
  • Data, Paper, Paper Rolls, Paper Industry Rejects
  • Reject Materials, Textiles, Carpets and Floor Coverings
  • Residues
  • Cables, Electrical and Electronic Waste

The Thunderstorm machine has an automatic disturbing parts sensor. This increases the operating safety of the pre-shredding machine. The machine stops automatically when large metallic materials pass and indicates the situation on the touch screen panel of the control terminal.

The special rotor shaft, the blade shape and cutting geometry ensure high cutting performance, large throughput volumes and homogeneity of cut material. Long-life steel blades are fitted on the double shafts.


Thunderstorm X165

Thunderstorm X225

Thunderstorm X295

Thunderstorm X325

Dimensions and weight

Overall dimensions (mm) (LxWxH)

5040 x 4560 x 4110 5040 x 5160 x 4110 5040 x 5860 x 4110 5040 x 6160 x 4110

Cutting space volume (m3)

5.7 7.6 10 11

Total weight (kg)

42,000 50,000 58,000 65,000

Cutting unit

Rotor inside length (mm)

1650 2250 2950 3250

Rotor diameter (mm)

750 750 750 750

Rotor blades (pcs)

20 24 28 32

Stator blades (pcs)

4 4 6 8

Drive system

Drive power (kW)

2 x 90 2 x 110
2 x 132
2 x 110
2 x 132
2 x160
2 x 160
2 x 200

Rotor speed (rpm)

58 60 59 60
Compare the Volume of the Input Waste Material

Compare the Volume of the Input Waste

Preparation of the Waste for Other Recycling Process Technology

Preparation of the Waste for Other Recycling Process Technologies

Preparation of the Waste for Incineration

Preparation of the Waste for Incineration

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