Donasonic Micro Series

high performance shredding machine

The Donasonic Micro is a fine shredding machine with variable capability depending on your exact requirements

Function overview:

Using the shear principle to achieve smaller grain size. Rotating cutter blades work in conjunction with fixed blades to cut up the material. The built in drum sieve specification determines the output grain size. Rotor and stator blades are hardened and uses specially fabricated long life steel. Rotor and stator blades easy to change and maintain. Functions are controlled by touch screen panel on the control terminal.


Cutting, shredding into defined output grain sizes, depending on the input material, pre-processing may be required for size reduction by other processes that Donasonic technology can achieve:

  • Reject Materials, Plastics, Textiles, Carpets, Floor Coverings, Light Fractions
  • Household, Industrial and Bulky Waste Matter
  • Electrical and Electronic Waste Materials
  • Aluminium and Other Metal Profiles
  • Car and Truck Oil Filters
  • Scrap From Car Industry (Cars,Trucks, Commercial Vehicles)
  • Pre-Shredded Cables (Copper and Aluminium) and Cable Scraps
  • Data, Files, Paper, Cardboard and Other Refuse

The Donasonic ‘Micro’ series is an one-shaft high performance shredding machine with rotor and stator blades. The multifunction blades and cutting geometry ensure high cutting performance and high volume throughput.

The Micro machine has a sieve directly under the shaft built in, this sieve can be changed for required output grain sizes with availability of shredding from 5mm-80mm. The long life sieve is made of extremely hard wearing material and is easy to change on site quickly and efficiently with little downtime so production targets can be maintained.


Micro X60

Micro X120

Micro X170

Micro X200

Dimensions and weight

Overall dimensions (mm) (LxWxH)

2050 x 1500 x 3000 4050 x 2600 x 5020 4050 x 3100 x 5020 4050 x 3400 x 5020

Total weight (kg)

20,000 25,000 30,000 34,000

Cutting unit

Rotor inside length (mm)

600 1200 1700 2000

Rotor diameter (mm)

600 600 600 600

Rotor blades (pcs)

16 34 48 56

Stator blades (pcs)

3 6 8 10

Drive system

Drive power (kW)

55 75
Compare the Volume of the Input Waste Material

Compares the Volume of the Input Waste

Preparation of the Waste for Other Recycling Process Technology

Preparation of the Waste for Other Recycling Process Technologies

Preparation of the Waste for Incineration

Preparation of the Waste for Incineration

Preparation of the Waste for Incineration

High Throughput Capacities or Equipped with Higher Torque

Preparation of the Waste for Incineration

Processing Difficult Metal Fractions

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