Eddy-current separator

Eddy-Current Separators are used for separating non ferrous metal parts

Areas of application are, among others, the recovery of non ferrous metals from shredded material

The Donasonic Eddy Current Separtors are used for the separating of non-ferrous metal parts (Aluminium, Copper, Lead, etc.) from bulkĀ  material of all kinds.

Owing to the particularly strong permanent magnetic field and high speed of the magnetic rotor, good separation results can be obtained even with small or difficult to separate materials.

The material to be separated is transported on the conveyor belt, in a layer as thin as possible to aid the separation, to the fast rotating magnetic field. This rotating magnetic field induces an Eddy current which builds up a magnetic field around each particle of non-ferrous metal, the magnetic field around these particles opposes the permanent magnetic field of the rotating magnetic rotor. This ensures a strong impulse is exerted on the particles of the non-ferrous metals, throwing these particles off the conveyor belt.


Areas of application are, among others, the recovery of non-ferrous metals from the shredded material, recycling of valuable materials and in glass and foundry sand recycling. These are available both as centric and eccentric systems.

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