Conveyor Systems and Industrial Separators

Bulk handling and separation systems

The conveyor belt is one of the most widespread means for conveying materials

Conveyor belts

Donasonic produces 50 different types of conveyor belts each with a different construction based on the different roles they are designed for.

  • Floating belts
  • Swinging belts
  • Coastal belts
  • Party belts
  • Storing belts
  • Panel belts
  • Feeding belts
  • Dropping belts
  • Line feeding belts
  • Pipe conveyor

Screw conveyors

Donasonic Screw conveyors are designed to transport fine powders and granuals material across any required distance. Donasonic screw conveyors offer a dust free method of transporting these types of material.

  • 20-500m3hr-1 depending on conveyor diameter.

Storage bins and Silos

Donasonic storage bins and silos offer our customers the ability to store the recycled materials and any valuable resources in separate areas. and allow for continous use of teh recycling machines by creating a buffer system.

  • Available with a pre-selecting screen and hydraulically operated movement system

Vibrating screens

Donasonic Vibrating screen are designed for continous feeding.

  • Width sizes: 250-1500 mm
  • Length sizes: 1000-6500 mm
  • The sizes can change according to claims.

Drum screens

Donasonic Drum screens use a horizontally rising preforated steel drum which rotates along its axis. The drums are manufactured with an internal screw that forces the material to move along teh axis of the drum. The size of teh preforations are based on customer requirements

  • Separation of organic and non-organic materials
  • Separation based on size
  • Removal of excess moisture


Donasonic screens separate the input material based on the weight of the input material. Donasonic screens are used to separate smaller particles 1 - 2.5 mm in size from the input material.

  • 6000x2000 1D, 2D and 2.5D
  • 5000x2000 1D, 2D and 2.5D
  • 4000x1600 2.5D
  • 4000x1400 1D, 2D and 2.5D
  • 4000x1200 2D
  • 3000x1250 1D, 2D and 2.5D
  • 2400x1250 2D

Desiccation screens

Donasonic Desiccation screens are used to dry granules that range from 0-4 mm in size. To ensure maximum desiccation a 50 degree incline is built into the conveyor in the screen.

Roller tracks

Donasonic produces different track elements that supplement existing production lines as well as material conveying for warehouses. We are able to design a complete material conveyor system with our Roller tracks. Our light processing Roller tracks have a maximum working load of 200kgm-1 and are designed to operate with or without drive. Our heavy processing Roller tracks have a maximum working load of 1500kgm-1. Our rollers are manufactured in the following diameters;

  • Ø50 mm
  • Ø63 mm
  • Ø89 mm
  • Ø108 mm
  • Ø133 mm
  • Ø159 mm
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