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There is an urgent need to process millions of tonnes of food and organic waste on a daily basis throughout the world and provide new sources of electrical energy that is both clean and sustainable.


The increasing volumes food and organic waste is Global problem that is increasing year on year. Often food waste is mixed with non-organic materials which need to be separated if the organic matter is to be used for other purposes, e.g. raw material for conversion to Bio fuels and fertilisers. Donasonic provides the technology that separates, processes, sanitises and converts organic waste into useable raw material for further processing. A combination of different technologies will provide the right solution for capitalising on the growing need to recycling food and organic waste.


One way in which energy values within waste can utilised is by using the waste as fuel. Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), is a term that applies to materials with a high calorific value, typically around 18 MJ/kg, that are extracted from various waste streams. Typical industrial beneficiaries utilising such methods include cement works and power plants. Donasonic is field proven to divert this waste from entering landfills to obtain this energy that is locked away in the waste. Our RDF recycling systems are used in combinations with other Donasonic technologies to recover valuable commodities and to divert waste from landfill for use as a raw material source.


Donasonic has designed an automatic process to separate the oil and metal elements from used oil filters. In the EU, the estimated number of used oil filters is 250 million per year. The weight of these filter is approximately 250,000 tons, consisting of 60% metal, 30% oil and 10% paper.

This means that every year in the EU alone 150,000 tons of metal and 75,000 tons of oil from used filters needs to be disposed of and we offer solutions to recycle these used oil filters.


Tyre recycling with Donasonic equipment enables the breakdown of scrap tyres into their individual components of rubber, steel and textiles. Using mutli-stage cycles, it is possible to achieve very high purity levels.

Rotary sheers break down the materials into more managable shreds which are broken down further and further until the material has been reduced to granules. These granules are then clean and separated into individual collection areas.

We use our design and application technologies expertise to plan and implement exact specification for your recycle plant requirements and ongoing needs

With a full range of equipment choices we are able to develop a plant for you that will deliver precise throughputs and long term ROI and continued green solutions.

Additionally our waste recycling palnts compliment bio energy plants, from other companies, and fulfil coporate and social responsibilites ensuring that new technologies are utilisied to create a sustainable future.


Donasonic provides multiple solutions for recycling cable and PCB waste that contains valuable recoverable resources like aluminium, copper, iron, lead and plastics. With careful sorting and separation we are able to reclaim these these assets individually. Providing recovered metals with nearly 100% purity. These assets are recovered and made ready for worldwide resale and is the greener method for recovering assets from scrap material.


Electrical waste (e-waste) includes; computers, televisions, monitors, laptops, phones, DVD players, etc. The circuit boards within these items contain precious metals such as; gold, silver platinum, etc. along with base metals such as; copper, iron and aluminium. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing forms of international waste, already e-waste contributes to around 5% of the Globes total waste volumes.

Electrical waste consists of recycled cables and wires - including fibre optic wire, telephone wire, computer wires, e-waste wires and ultra-fine wires. Donasonic machines can extract the precious metals and separate the wires from the rubber and plastic casings. We have designed these innovative and proven recycling methods in-house with our engineering team. The end product is concentrated fine powders copper, brass and steel, depending on the input materials.


This predominantly includes food waste, yard waste, containers, product packaging and other miscellaneous waste from residential, commercial and industrial sources, in extremely large volumes. This waste may contain suitable matter for RDF and other resources obtained from the recycling of this waste. Societies are under increasing pressure to recycle waste to reduce the amount going to landfills. Many environmental, financial and ecological benefits have been proven from recycling of waste. Donasonic recycling technologies offers the right equipment to efficiently carry out MSW recycling on both large and small scale.

Bio-Gas Plant Design, Planning & Installations

Donasonic provides its clients with a positive solutions for waste recycling. Our technology design team will create a solution that suits your needs and is totally adaptable as your plant grows to increase capability. Our top design priority is to offer a solution that addresses the urgent need to process 1000’s of tonnes of food and organic waste on a daily basis throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

As specialists in recycling, additionally we design, manufacture and install Bio-Gas installations that comliment our recycling systems (organic) to create sources of clean Bio-Mass products can be used as fertiliser, or as the raw material used in our Bio-Gas installations which can produce clean and renewable Bio-Methane.

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