After Sales Service

Maximum availability is the goal

Even the most reliable machine wears out after a certian period of operation and therefore must be serviced at regular intervals. With our after-sales service clients asnd thier investment are in safe hands. We always offer the right solution ot the highest levle of availability, efficiency and long service life. We guarantee, to our customers, the availability of spare parts that are required for each machine to enusre smooth opertaion and minimal down time.

For great availability and optimal operating times we are equiped with an emergency telephone service.

Just one phone call and an experienced Donasonic specialist will be ready to help and advise you on teh correct course of action. All of your questions will be answered straigh away and any faults with the machine will be handled with.

Our customer service also offers an online remote maintenance feature that allows us to check the machine and inform you when maintenance is required.

Repairs of all kinds (including machines from other manufacturers)

Our repair services have the objective of maintaining or increasing the efficiency of these machines. With our professional repair service we ensure the operation and reliablility of the machine and to also bring older machines up-to-date or to 'as new' condition.

Our services range from general maintenance of existing machines to the repair of damged and old machines. For the best possible end result our service teams use the best equipment with decades of experience behind them.

Our repair service can also be used by companies that are yet to be Donasonic customers or use a different brand of product.

Excellent After Sales Service

The commitment of Donasoinc does not end with the delivery of recycling machines, we offer our customers a comprehensive follow-up over the entire service life of each of our machines. The advantage of this is to maximise the availabilty of spares and to reduce the customer operating costs.

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